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Do You Want to Start Photography? My Recommendations for Beginners.

Since college I’ve been interested in learning photography. Once I started Honey the desire to learn grew even more because I wanted to capture photos for Honey myself. I had ideas in my mind that were hard to explain to another photographer.  I also did not have it in my budget to hire a photographer every time I needed photos! So, April 2020 I finally bought my first DSLR camera. We were quarantining at home in the middle of a pandemic, I was desperate for something new to do, and I had the time… so I thought, why not?

I still remember the first day with my new camera. To make a long story short, I ended up crying and apologizing to my husband for wasting money on a camera I had no business trying to figure out. Sounds dramatic, right? I was being pretty dramatic, but after trying to learn how to shoot in manual, I about had a nervous breakdown. However, my husband, my sweet Jon, would have none of it. He encouraged me, wiped my tears, and cheered me on to not give up and to continue learning. He believed in me and I guess that was all I needed to press on and to continue learning! Here I am, nine months later, and am still going strong! I am by no means a professional. I still have a ton to learn, but I am proud of how far I’ve come. 



Here are my short & sweet recommendations to get started: 

I bought the Canon EOS Rebel T7 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Kit and I highly recommend it. I bought mine on sale at Target! A reminder that you will also want to purchase a memory card and an adapter for your computer if you do not have an SD reader! It comes with a lens that I have loved learning on. 

Taking photos is one thing-- editing photos is another ballgame. I recommend Adobe Lightroom!

I searched high and low on YouTube trying to find people who I could stand listening to. These are 2 ladies I found and absolutely love learning from! You can learn about photography AND editing on their channels.

Take photos of friends, family, pets, food… whatever you can! Shoot in natural light, indoor light, cloudy days, sunny days. The more you practice, the more you learn.


I hope these recommendations help you get started if you’ve been wanting to pick up a camera! If for nothing else, maybe you can capture beautiful pictures of those who you love, special moments, family get-togethers, and friends! 


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