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  • 10 Simple Ways to Live with Less Chemicals in Your Home

    I am sharing with you 10 simple ways to live with less chemicals in your home. I say “live with less” because let’s face it, it is hard to go 100% toxic-free. This blog is to help you take baby steps. 
  • 7 Daily Prayers to Pray Over Your Children

    I am sharing 7 one sentence, simple, yet powerful prayers I pray over / with my son every day. These are for you to use in your own home if you wish or to inspire you to come up with your own prayers specific to your children.
  • Do You Want to Start Photography? My Recommendations for Beginners.

    I started photography almost 1 year ago! I am sharing my top recommendations for anyone who wants to begin their photography journey.
  • 8 Houseplants I Haven't Killed Yet

    Do you wish your home was full of plants (real ones) but you've been gifted with a black thumb like me? After years and years of killing plants, I am here to share with you 8 plants that people with a black thumb can hopefully keep alive!